What are counselling & psychotherapy?

Counselling and psychotherapy offer you an opportunity to talk in confidence with someone, openly and freely, about your concerns. In a safe, peaceful and private setting in the North Cotswolds, I will listen without making judgements about you or your situation. As we explore your thoughts, feelings and beliefs, you may begin to see yourself in new ways. The process of therapy will enable you to make reasoned choices for yourself.


You may be feeling distressed following a recent crisis, bereavement, or other specific event. Or perhaps you feel your life has been drained of vibrancy; you may be at a crossroads, going through difficulties in a relationship or be seeking meaning and purpose. Within a trusting and collaborative relationship, it becomes possible to find a way through confusion and pain and discover how you might move towards greater well-being.

My Approach

My approach draws on the wisdom of Buddhist psychology. This offers a framework based on key values of inner peace, outward kindness and greater harmony. Extensive experience of other therapeutic approaches allows me to tailor my response to your particular needs.


I will work with you to restore your peace of mind, support your growth and to develop wholesome habits, creating the conditions for more authentic and effective living.


Whether you elect to explore a specific difficulty in a short number of sessions, or to undertake deeper more long term work, together we will negotiate the best way forward for you.


I believe in the potential of us all, given the right support, to learn, to grow, to heal and in turn to touch the lives of those we meet. 

My Experience

My  background embraces an honours degree in psychology and a professional qualification in counselling and applied psychology and psychotherapy. My tutors at the  Amida Trust, Leicester, included David Brazier, a scholar of Buddhist psychology and author  of  “Zen Therapy”  and Caroline Brazier, author of  “Buddhist Psychology”.


I have worked in the fields of education, mental health, youth service, research and development and  social services. I have also taught counselling at diploma  level,  psychology with the Open University and am currently on the staff team of the Tariki Trust Psychotherapy Training Programme. For 14 years I worked as a student counsellor in Further Education and currently work with adults in private practice.